Friday, April 2, 2010

Round 12 at Mid-Ohio

Round 12 - Mid-Ohio, Race Winner: Crippy Oh
40 laps , Total Time: 48:09, Fastest Lap: Jafo Tendaze 1:07.651
Pole Position: Sulla Looming, Most Positions Gained: Crippy Oh and
Suzy Cuddihy: 2, Laps Led: Crippy- 35, Jafo- 4, Sulla- 1

The Twisty hilly track at Mid-Ohio promised to be a fast pace romp. Sulla
grabbed her 10th pole position for the season. After 2 restarts the race was under way, with Jafo leading and Sulla hot on his tail. Kat Reitveld got a good start landing in 3rd for the first several corners before the author was able to get by.

Jafo and Sulla raced ahead, but i was able to keep them in sight, untill lap 5 where Sulla was able to get passed Jafo. But disaster struck in T1 of lap 6 when Jafo got into the back of Sulla sending them both off course, allowing me to take over the lead where i stayed for the next 35 laps. Sulla stayed in contact for a short bit before having another off, where Jafo took over 2nd place for most of rest of the race.

Suzy Cuddihy and Yuriko Nishi ran solid races behind as did Kat , the 3rd to 5th place spot changing hands several times as cars pitted . Jafo seemed to have 2nd sewed up easy untill the final lap where a off got him stuck on the high curb of Mid-Ohio, technical difficulties sent Kat Reitveld off also where she became stuck with Jafo, allowing Suzy Cuddihy to cruise by for her 8th podium of the season. The race was also unkind to Razi Sorbet and Sulla Looming who both retired.

With Sulla finishing 8th overall causes quite a shake up in points , sending her from 1st to 3rd and putting myself and Suzy in a tie for 1st place with Sulla just 2 points behind , just 2 races remaining to determine the championship there will be some sweaty palms to finish this one out.
The next race taking place at the 1 mile oval of New hampshire.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Round 11 at Richmond

Round 11 - Richmond International
110 laps , Total Race time: 41:37 mins, Fastest Lap: Jafo Tendaze: 14.9 seconds
Pole Position: Sulla Looming , Most Positions gained : Suzy Cuddihy- 6
Laps Led: Sulla- 60, Jafo- 26, Nella - 11, Suzy - 11

800 Hp Indy cars on a 3/4 mile oval , stir in some smoke , spins , flying parts and tires and white knuckle racing , would be a fair description of Indycar round 11. Sulla Looming takes her 1st oval and 5th overall win, in a race that left most of the field in wreckage .

Kat Reitveld started it all off with a early retirement in deadly turn 2, while out front in lead pack. Jafo Tendaze made up for a blown qualify ( 9th of 9) making his way from rear to front of field , and soon leading the race.

Yuriko smash , Rattra crash, Razi kaboom and then finaly Jafo went down on lap 59.
The field was down to just 4 cars for nearly half the race, with only Sulla and Suzy on the lead lap . Suzy gave it her best but Sulla hung on strong . The race was unforgiving for the crashers , but wasnt extreme as far as cautions , allowing the field some open racing for long stretches.

With this win Sulla is able to extend her championship lead to 6 over Suzy and 8 over myself . With just 3 races remaining at Mid-Ohio, Homestead and Laguna Seca, Sulla seems favorite to win , but in racing anything can happen.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Race Report- Season 4 Round 10 at Detroit

After a long hiatus of race reports , im gonna be getting back in the habit for the end of the Indycar season. Much of this season the top of the ranks has been occupied by Suzy Cuddihy, from rounds 1 to 8 her consistency kept her in the lead while many others struggled to adapt to the indycars , which have proven to be fun to drive but prone to disasters.

Round 9 at Watkins Glen was a flawless win by Sulla Looming to overtake Suzy in the points race, after coming up short a few rounds lately Suzy finds her in a hole in 2nd place with hopes of getting back on top by the final round .

Round 10 - Detroit Belle Island
28 laps, Total race time: 35 mins 13 seconds, Fastest Lap: Sulla looming- 1:11.397
Pole Position: Sulla Looming , Laps led: Crippy Oh -21, Jafo Tendaze- 7
Positions Gained- Crippy Oh- 3, Nella Bocarra- 3

8 drivers showed for one of the more technical road tracks of the season , walled and winding ...

Belle Island can be a difficult track to survive at times. Although Sulla landed on pole , Jafo got the crucial jump into the lead at the start , at a track like this with little room for passing.. this move alone could potentialy win the race.

Sulla in 2nd and myself in 3rd , untill i took a risky pass on Sulla , just barely getting in front , with Sulla showing some mercy and not spinning me im sure. We chased Jafo who was looking good up front so far , untill the end of lap 8 when he came around too hard and spun into the wall. I moved into the lead with Sulla beginning to put heavy pressure on me probing for a pass.

Sulla struck a wall and lost her wing ending a bid for the win , continuing for a little bit , i feel Sulla displayed sportsmanship by pitting and repairing what was bad damage, even though off pace, Sulla coulda continued unrealisticly and prolly ended up 2nd .

With mishaps for Jafo and Sulla , Yuriko held on steady and captured 2nd , with Suzy landing in 3rd and gaining important championship points on Sulla. Sulla got 4th and Nella ran great to get 5th , gaining 3 places on her 8th position start . After round 10, Sulla maintains 1st place by 4 points, with Suzy and myself tied for 2nd.

With 4 more races to go its looking like another tight ending. Next race is on the small 3/4 mile oval at Richmond. Will be posting short Round 10 highlight reel here in next few days.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Upcoming stuff- Formula Series

With the Indycar series winding down with 5 races remaining, it is time to start rolling out the info for whats next . For right now it looks like we will try moving the Open wheel series to Sundays in hopes of attracting new recruits . Current plans are for open practice to begin at 11am SLT and Qualify start at Noon SLT.
In order to give new drivers some time to gain experience with us , the first stage of the Formula Series will be 6-7 race series using Formula Nippon cars , Download can be found here....
The schedule for the Formula Nippons will be pretty basic, on shortened layouts and including tracks like Mills and Toban, Silverstone , Nuerburg, Hockenheim National layout and the finale at Monaco.
We will have our first practice race for Formula Nippons on 3/28/2010, and then first race of series the week after. The main objective of this series is for fun and to give practice and experience for any new drivers. Although all will be competing on same points scale , we will be determining a Veteran champ and Rookie champ in this series, with cash prize for both champs at end of season , with stipulation if Rookie wins overall champ they can collect the Vet and Rookie purses.
After the Formula Nippon series will be the full fledged Formula 1 series with a 15 race schedule.
Cash prizes for top 3 each round ect.. ect..
Next post i will have details for upcoming Stock car series to be run on Wednesdays using Nationwide cars . Due to scheduling conflicts with members RL schedules, scheduling times maybe changed in the upcoming weeks .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Here is the Results and standings after the last 2 rounds.....